About Karen Seltz, M.Ed., LC

What makes Karen a great coach?

  • She is intuitive and asks targeted questions to get you closer to YOUR specific path
  • She is a spiritual channel and healer and is open to receiving from the Divine
  • She cares deeply about humanity and you as a person
  • She is committed to you getting your desired results

happiness, joy, transformation, mindset, spiritual, laughter, peace, love, unity, optimistic

Professional Credentials

  • Certified Life Coach
  • M.Ed. in Counseling
  • Certified Brain Gym Consultant
  • Heartcore Leadership Graduate

Coaching with Karen Is Right for Me if:

  • I'm ready to release my limiting beliefs and step into the highest, most empowered version of myself.
  • I am committed to being accountable and taking action toward my vision.
  • The pain of remaining the same is greater than the discomfort of stretching out of my comfort zone.

What we do

Work with Karen

Women's Group Coaching- "Heart, Mind, Soul Connection" a 6-month program to transform you into the confident, bold, decisive, healthy, spiritually-connected woman you know that you are.

Private One-On-One Coaching Packages- Meet with Karen in person in Phoenix, AZ, via Zoom video, Skype video, or WhatsApp twice a month with Voxer voice and text app support between sessions. Go as quick and deep as you are ready to go.

Speaking- Book Karen to speak at your event. Her areas of expertise and passion are mindset and spirituality.  She has a natural, fun, interactive style and delivers highly-relatable, valuable content.

Premiering November 5-16, 2018

Mind, Body, Spirit Synchronicity: How to Be the CEO of Your Own Happiness, an online video interview series featuring more than 20 of today's leading experts.  The purpose of this show is to support purpose-driven women to make confident decisions, tap into their intuition, and honor their bodies to achieve a state of bliss and fulfillment. https://www.mindbodyspiritsynchronicity.com