Wow! I would never have guessed this would be so powerful!  Karen was attentive and guided me through a lifetime of emotions and showed me that I own my power.  Karen reinforced that my light and love cannot be extinguished by another person or myself.  I feel so much better about life.  At this moment I have hope and look forward to letting my light and love flow freely to all others.                                            

-- Annie C.

This coach channeled the Divine voice within her and in the universe and shared that guidance with me.  It was exactly what I needed!          

-- Carol P.

I have been to a couple of coaching sessions before with another coach and this was by far the one I got the most out of.  I have learned something about my experiences that I never realized before.  For instance, where the anxiety I experience comes from and how to better cope with it and that the emotions that appear on the surface are there now because I shut down when the pain was more than I could handle at the time.  I believed I was the only one I could count on and now I realize God was always beside me, protecting me while I learned to be independent and have empathy for others.  I now know that I am strong and a better person because of my experiences.                       

-- Barbara M.

Karen helped me to reveal my inner truths.  Though I worry about the future and fret about the past, she showed me what happens when I stay in the here and now.  I stand in the light, revealing my own truth.  The truth is all positive.  I'm all good!  I'm going to focus on the solutions and the positive truths I learned today.  I learned that I had it inside me all along.  

-- Ann L.

In this coaching session with Karen I learned to take a fear, give it an image and speak to it, asking specific questions and listening to what it had to tell me. It's scary to verbalize my inner fears, but to work this exercise gives me hope to change my future.  

    -- Rene W.

Karen helped bring my "challenges" to the surface and helped me focus on being more accountable to myself to bring more fun and joy into my life.                                                                                                                                                                    

-- Marissa